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Newly Adopted Saint Bernard, Hercules, Chases Off Burglar

Nov 13 2011

Only six hours after being adopted from the Highland County Dog Pound in Ohio, Hercules chased a burglar out of the house and over the back yard fence. The 135-pound Saint Bernard was found a couple weeks ago by hikers along a trail after initially mistaking him for a log. Turns out Hercules was dehydrated and bleeding, likely from a coyote attack. He was feeling much better but not completely recovered from his adventure at the time of the burglary.

Originally, we adopted him because we didn't want him to be euthanized. We thought we'd get him back up and going and see if we couldn't get him a new home or some rescue group to take him. But now we don't know what we're going to do. I think he's more or less earned his right to stay. [Rubert "Lee" Littler, who already has four dogs]

Regarding the burglary...

I was taking Hercules out the back door to go to the bathroom and just had a hold of him by the collar, since the yard is fenced in. I had opened the main door, but not the screen door, when he started growling. The next thing I know he's pulled out of my hand and is going through the screen door... Hercules jumped off the back porch, over the stairwell, and I see this guy running toward the fence (maybe 15 or 20 feet away). (Hercules) ran up and grabbed the guy by his ankle as he was going over the fence.[Rubert "Lee" Little]

The gentle giant hadn't made a sound until that warning growl. Thanks to the aptly named Hercules, the Littlers may have avoided a cruel fate. The burglar had cut the telephone and cable lines and may have had bad intentions.

Two paws up to the Hillsboro Times-Gazette for the scoop. Go fetch for more on the story.

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