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Chinese Dog Goes Shopping By Himself

Dec 01 2011

Hey human, have you ever found yourself sitting there thinking... 'I wish somebody would run down to the local store and pick up some chips and beer for me?' Well fear not! A Chinese fur brother shows us all that dogs are perfectly capable of going shopping at a moment's notice.

The only thing required of you (besides a smart fur buddy with some training) is a bag or basket he can hold plus a list of things a human at the store can understand. You'll also need to throw some money in there. Don't expect the change.

Bob the Amazing Diving Dog

Dec 01 2011

Like most fur brothers and sisters, Bob the dog has a favorite toy that rarely leaves his side. He loves this toy so much that one day he dove into the deep end of his human pack's pool, corkscrewing eight feet down to the bottom to retrieve it.

I was floating one day in the pool and he dropped it in the pool, and I wasn't going to get it until I get out. I told him that, and he looked at me like, 'I don't need you' and did it. [Kristie Navarrette, Bob's Human Mama]

Now this feat is amazing for two reasons...

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