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Bark By Popular Demand: Seattle Rep Hosts Dogs Night Out Part Deux

Dec 05 2011

Our fur loving friends at the Seattle Repertory are at it again. An encore presentation of Sylvia where dogs are welcome alongside their human friends is scheduled for December 11 at 7:30 PM. The first Dogs Night Out was a big hit, so if you missed it due to a late nap, don't fret. This showing is for you!

Check out our previous blog entry on this subject and please pass the word along to your friends. If you are lucky enough to attend, don't forget to post some pictures for your fur brothers and sisters far away on the east coast. Enjoy!

Lucky the Dog Nabs World Record for Most Celebrity Pictures

Nov 26 2011

Lucky, a Maltese rescued by Wendy Diamond and lovingly referred to as her "wing dog," was just awarded the "Animal Most Photographed with Celebrities" world record with a jaw dropping 363 celebrity photos. Lucky got the news during the seventh annual Guinness World Records Day, where over 300,000 people from across the globe attempted to break Guinness World Records.

Lucky was adopted in 1999 and began accompanying Diamond on her endless campaign to promote animal rescue...

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Puppies vs. Babies: Who is the King of Cuteness?

Nov 17 2011

In a contest of cuteness between puppies and babies, who would win? Those little humans are cute and fun to play with when they aren't screaming for mama, but nothing beats a little furry critter (I'm biased). Animal Planet will attempt to settle this debate once and for all with its new Puppies vs. Babies series. It pits 16 viral videos of puppies (kittens too) and babies against each other through three rounds of "playful competition."

So who has the ultimate say? Guest commentators discuss the videos while real-world judges and viewers vote on their favorites. A winner will be announced in the next day or two, so cast your vote NOW!

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