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Bob the Amazing Diving Dog

Dec 01 2011

Like most fur brothers and sisters, Bob the dog has a favorite toy that rarely leaves his side. He loves this toy so much that one day he dove into the deep end of his human pack's pool, corkscrewing eight feet down to the bottom to retrieve it.

I was floating one day in the pool and he dropped it in the pool, and I wasn't going to get it until I get out. I told him that, and he looked at me like, 'I don't need you' and did it. [Kristie Navarrette, Bob's Human Mama]

Now this feat is amazing for two reasons...

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Dog Refuses to Leave Human Papa's Grave

Nov 30 2011

Lao Pan died earlier this month at the age of 68 in the eastern Chinese village of Panjiatun. He had no wife or children and few relatives to speak of. His death would have gone largely unnoticed to those outside his village except for one thing (a furry thing) - his close companionship with a dog.

This fur brother, whose name we do not know...

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Beagle Freedom Project Rescues 40 Dogs from Animal Testing Lab in Spain

Nov 26 2011

Forty Beagles arrived at LAX last Wednesday after being rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project from an animal testing laboratory in Spain. These poor dears are all fur brothers ranging in age from four to seven years young. They've spent their entire lives in cages within the laboratory. Many of them have injuries and scars from the testing.

From the moment they were born they were literally in a cage...

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